Geppetto's Apprentice

For the love of a child at play

why we make beautiful wooden toys

Geppetto's apprentice is a young company that is run by a husband and wife team Wim & Heidy.

Having young children of their own, they know how important play is for the parent as well as for the child. As a parent you want the best for your children and that means no toxic or harmful materials or lots of overstimulation.

Coming from creative backgrounds and a having lot of practical skills (Heidy works a lot with fabrics and Wim used to be a boat builder.) they started to make their own toys for their children. Now having seen that there is a demand for beautiful wooden toys that stimulate the imagination for creative play, are environmentally sound, and reasonably priced, they have started out on their own.

They now run a small factory in Warburton Victoria near Melbourne where they make beautiful wooden toys and children's furniture for all to enjoy.